Alpaca Nutri-Vit

This specially formulated supplement is designed to optimise the health and well-being of your camelid herd.

Composed of the highest quality ingredients, including essential vitamins and minerals, this product also includes algal (seaweed) based proteins and nucleotides.

As breeders, we administer the drench to all adults every quarter as standard. Additionally, we use it in instances where an animal needs to be built up again after an illness, for females 4-6 weeks before birthing and again in between birthing and re-mating, for working males at the beginning of the stud season and for weanlings when they’ve been taken away from their mums.

It is also useful for those in the walking/trekking business; helping to keep walkers in optimal health.

Price:£72 per litre (with discounts available for larger quantities)

The drench has a long use by date and is available to order by emailing either ourselves or one of our distributors: or calling +44 (0)7564 348 964


1: Adrian & Susan Murphy, Moonhall Alpacas, Kilkenny, Ireland E: T: +353 (87) 766 0786

2: Gunther Willems & Els Baldewijns, Alpaca Tumulus, Belgium E: T: 0032 (0) 475 77 18 19

If you are interested in becoming a distributor, please get in touch at; or +44 (0) 7564 348 964