Amberly Grey Alpacas

At Amberly, we are proud to be the first breeders in Ireland to specifically concentrate on the development of a distinct grey breeding program, involving both grey huacaya and grey suri alpacas.

Amberly High Palladium
High Palladium’s Fleece
Amberly High Palladium

With a depth of Snowmass genetics running through our grey huacaya, many of our blood lines are distinctly unique to those found elsewhere.

Amberly Sussurro Fantasma (Ghost)
Amberly Sussurro Fantasma’s Fleece
‘I Love Lucy‘
‘Glass Slipper’

In 2019, we imported the first grey suri stud male into Ireland. We look forward to developing a specialised grey suri herd.

Purple Reign (Suri)
Purple Reign’s Fleece
Purple Reign’s Lustrous Fleece